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De Tijd Geest

Protesting youngsters chant slogans such as “Johnson murderer” and sing “Murderer, many people are being killed”. It is the late sixties. In his film, Van der Keuken presents his visual view of the changes in the mentality of a growing group of young people in Western society. He films youngsters who paint their faces and react against the monotonous lives of pen-pushers and civil servants. Their attitude exudes resistance against existing social structures.Van der Keuken exchanges images of protest marches that occasionally get out of hand with charming pictures of nature. He said the following about this film: “In the case of these youngsters, the surrounding violence is turned inside, as it were, and directed at the exploration of personal observations.” (

Genres: Documentary

Actor: Ewald Vanvugt


Country: India

Print: WEBRip

IMDB Ratings:

Duration: 42

Release: 1968